Nooks-iBooks Booster

This is NOT a Newsletter feature. While our Newsletter features are very effective, this takes reaching readers to the next level. We connect with them directly on social media. Don’t worry – no cold calling here. These are all readers who want us to reach out to them with your campaign and signed up for the notifications.

This campaign is the most effective for getting sales on new and existing titles for iBooks OR Nook. You must choose only one for your Booster. We do not feature preorders or free books with this option, though if that’s what you’re interested in promoting, you can always book our OTOH Newsletter Feature

By purchasing this promotion, you agree that you are paying us to feature your title, that you are not paying for guaranteed results, and that the performance of your promotion will be dependent on your product. Our requirement is to share your deal with our readers; your requirement is to submit a title they will love. The history of this service’s results speaks for itself, with an average of 30-100 sales per feature (over the course of 2-3 days).

PRICE: $129

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March 2020
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