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At OTOH Books, we offer a variety of Newsletter Feature Options to help authors at any stage in their career. If you’re an author on a budget and don’t care what day your book is promoted, you can join our FREE Facebook Group for monthly opportunities to get your book featured in our newsletter for as little as $10 a Month!

If you’re a more seasoned author, you can also schedule a feature of your books for the day of your choice by using the calendar below. For our regular feature deals, your book will reach our readers via newsletter with your book cover, your blurb up to 150 words, and purchase link for a listing price of $25. Anyone may book one of these features, though we ask you keep your price $2.99 or below. If you would like to run a deal for a title priced $3.99 or above, please email for more information.

If you would like a spotlight feature of your book at the TOP of our newsletter, please email at least 2 weeks before you desired date with a link to your book for consideration. Our Top Feature in each newsletter is available for $100 and by approval only. With our Top Feature, you will receive a feature displaying a full-size version of your book cover or a book banner (if you prefer and provide one), your full blurb, and a purchase BUTTON.

Here is a visual of the difference between the two feature options:

Our readers love the following genres: Hot Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Dystopian, Young Adult, Thriller, Mystery, and SciFi Romance, though we have readers in all genres.

Results are not guaranteed. By purchasing this promotion, you agree that you are paying us to feature your title, that you are not paying for guaranteed results, and that the performance of your promotion will be dependent on your product. Our requirement is to share your deal with our readers; your requirement is to submit a title they will love!


Or Email with a link to your book to request a Top Feature Deal.
October 2019
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Titles with Professional Covers, Engaging Blurbs, and Quality Writing perform best and with sell through! If your book meets those requirements, you can expect to see 30-100 sales with a Top Feature, though we have had authors report upwards of 1200 sales in the past as well. Your booking payment covers the feature in our newsletter. If for any reason your feature does not run, we will offer you your choice between an upgraded feature the next day or a full refund. We do not refund deals that have already run. Thank you!