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It’s been 15 minutes, and I still haven’t received a registration email.

Run a search in your inbox for OTOH. Sometimes an email won’t go to your mail email folder or your spam folder, but some other “hidden” folder you don’t access often. By running a search for OTOH, it will force this email to become visible to you.

I got an error telling me to contact the webmaster.

You may already have an account. Try logging in.

Logging in didn’t work.

You may have started, but not completed, a registration in the past. Check your email for your registration confirmation and click the link to set your password. Still not working? Click “Lost Password” to reset your password.

Still not working.

Email otohbooks@gmail.com with your login email. We will generate a temporary password for you. Once you login with this temporary password, you can reset your password by clicking “Account Details” and entering any updates on that page.