You asked, we listened! You can now have your Facebook Ads managed by the OTOH, books team.

Why have someone else manage your ads?

For some, it’s a matter of time and mental energy. They’d rather be doing something else. For others, it’s because they just cant seem to get a handle on Facebook Ads. If this sounds familiar, let our team create and manage the ads for you: with our ads, we’re seeing an average of .02 – .08 a click (with the majority in the .02 – .03 range), and we have a team with time dedicated just for this purpose! Though we cannot provide any guarantee on results, we can show proof of previous results upon request.

What does it cost?

Choose between 4 Package Options!

  • Option 1: $500 in Facebook Ads for $615 (allows up to 1 ad)
  • Option 2: $1000 in Facebook Ads for $1230 (allows up to 2 ads – or put it all into 1!)
  • Option 3: $1500 in Facebook Ads for $1845 (allows up to 3 ads – or put it in 1-2 ads!)
  • Option 4: $2000 in Facebook Ads for $2460 (allows up to 4 ads – or put it in 1-3 ads!)

Yes, we send proof of spend and ad click at the end! 

Some cost analysis for you!

If you set up your own ads and spend $1000 and get .20 a click, that’s 5,000 clicks (.20 a click). If you set up ads with us, paying $1230 to get $1000 in ads at .05 a click, that’s 20,000 clicks (.06 a click). So while it costs more than running the ads yourself, not only do you save time, but you still get a cheaper cost per click! Also, notice how we based this on .05 a click through out service, even though most of our ads perform at .02 or .03 a click. In reality, your total cost is looking to come out to .03-.04 a click, which is much less than most authors who come to use are seeing now!

How does it work?

You provide the image, link, and funds, and we do the rest! Of course, if you want to submit your own ad copy and targeting preferences, you’re free to do so, but we strongly recommend allowing our team to handle that, as our numbers reported above are based on our team’s targeting skills. The ads will run for up to 30 days, though you can pick a shorter window for a sale if you prefer. With this package, you get ONE ad.

YOU provide the ad image. WE provide targeting unless requested otherwise. WE provide Ad Copy unless requested otherwise. We set up, manage, babysit, and adjust the ads as necessary for best results.

What genres perform best?

We have seen results across the board for all fictional genres, ranging from Middle-Grade through Adult! For best results, make sure you are offering the best product you can: fabulous cover, a “wow” blurb, and killer writing. Not sure if your book is up to snuff? Drop by our OPEN DISCUSSION group and ask for some brutally honest thoughts! Let them know you want to use this service, but first want to make sure your book will perform well with it, and that you’d like them to let loose with feedback on cover, blurb, and writing! They are an honest, but constructive, group!

Ad Images Matter Too!

Of course, your ad image needs to be as amazing as your book! We find the less text on the ad image, the better, so sometimes having an ad image created don’t cost you anything if you have a great cover! For example, this ad image below, paired with proper targeting, has been averaging at .02 a click!

Another ad image we’ve seen perform well (0.05 a click) is also featured below:

Ad Image Requirements: Graphic must be 1,200 x 628 in size and preferably have NO text. If graphic has text, it must be less than 10%.

The above image is the max amount of text we should see! Even less than this is preferred!

Where will the ads run? Can I have them run on my own Facebook page?

Our team has access to a variety of pages that can effectively market your book based on your audience. However, some authors prefer to run them from their own Facebook page due to the organic PAGE LIKES they will get as a result. Aside from the additional benefit to the author, however, there is additional work required by the ad team to get things set up. Due to the additional time and benefit of running the ads through your page, we require an additional $100 set up fee. Please contact info@dragonrealmpress.com to arrange the additional payment and set up after booking your service through the form below.

Are there any other expenses?

This payment covers EVERYTHING except for the additional fee if you OPTIONALLY choose to run this from your own Facebook page or if you request an ad revision (the cost of revision is $20-$50 depending on how in depth your revision request is). Any extra requests and expenses are all handled through info@dragonrealmpress.com. Most authors find they do not need to change anything, especially when they allow our team to manage all areas of the ad for best results.

Send Payment BEFORE Filling Out This Form!

Please send your full payment to info@dragonrealmpress.com prior to filling out the form below. You will need your Paypal Transaction ID to complete this form. Payments confirmed prior to service start date.