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Sell More Books

We have two options for helping you sell more books. Our New Release Campaign and our Newsletter Feature. Here you can read about both and sign up for the option that’s right for you! 

New Release Campaign $149

Our New Release Campaigns are the most effective for getting sales on BRAND NEW titles. We do not feature preorders or free books with this option, though you can always book a OTOH Newsletter Feature if that’s what you’re interested in promoting.

Our New Release Campaign includes a SOLO newsletter feature of with your book cover, blurb, exceprt from your writing, and ONE chance to win a copy of a book of your choice when the reader follows you on Amazon or Tweets about your book (Your Choice Which!).

On average, our authors report  30-200 sales + 200-1000 Amazon followers or book tweets. Results are not guaranteed. By purchasing this promotion, you agree that you are paying us to feature your title, that you are not paying for guaranteed results, and that the performance of your promotion will be dependent on your product. Our requirement is to share your deal with our readers; your requirement is to submit a title they will love.

You may feature a title at any price, but will move the most copies at $0.99.

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We also offer a similar campaign for Nook/iBooks with an average result of 30-100 Sales per Campaign.

Nook-iBooks Booster $129

OTOH Newsletter Feature $50

OTOH has nearly 100,000 Newsletter Subscribers, and we want to share your book with them! Unlike other newsletter services that pack multiple books into every newsletter, we keep All Eye on You. When you schedule and OTOH newsletter feature, your book will be featured on the scheduled day to our entire subscriber list with no more than three other titles.

While we accept books at any price, we caution that books priced $0.99 perform best.

By purchasing this promotion, you agree that you are paying us to feature your title, that you are not paying for guaranteed results, and that the performance of your promotion will be dependent on your product. Our requirement is to share your deal with our readers; your requirement is to submit a title they will love. The history of this service’s results speaks for itself.

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Weekend Reads $20

Looking for a cheaper way to reach our nearly 100,000 subscribers? Consider booking this bargain feature deal! Every Friday we send out a newsletter to our readers with some recommended weekend reading! 

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Increasing Newsletter Subscribers

OTOH List-Building Service $100

Finally, a service to build your newsletter THAT WORKS. Some have tried to do it cheaper, but none had done it better – and none can compare to our bottom line. Our cost per subscriber for all of our newsletter building styles is simply unmatched!

OTOH offers a variety of newsletter building services. You can learn about several of our group-style builders in our dedicated Facebook Author Opportunity Group. With our special opportunities, you can build your list via group efforts (with our massive support!) by 2,000 – 20,000 subscribers for as low as $100! (That’s 5 cents to half a cent per subscriber!) Clients of ours who have used other list builders in the past have said that our subscribers are the stickiest, most interactive subscribers. They actually open emails and buy books!

If you’re not interested in a group builder, you can get those same results through a solo builder. The benefit of a solo builder is that the readers even more closely curated to be part of your audience and even less likely to unsubscribe because they won’t be getting as many emails as a result to subscribing.

Solo builders can still get the same number of subscribers, but because the advertising costs aren’t split between multiple authors and the results rely more heavily on Facebook and other advertising, the cost per subscriber is a little higher. 

Our List Builder will get you 500-2000 subscribers for $100. We cannot guarantee how many subscribers may also be on your list from previous builders of you own, nor can we control how many readers choose to opt in. That will all be dependent on how enticed they are by what you have to offer! 

$100 List Builder for 500-2,000 Subscribers (Delivery Time 30-60 Days)

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There are no guarantees. As more than 90% of this cost goes toward expenses, we do not offer refunds. If you are unsure if these builders are a good fit for you, we recommend trying a smaller group-builder first, to make sure you like the quality of subscribers our service obtains.

Writing and Marketing Courses $35+

We offer a variety of courses to help you “Next Level” your career. Because on one hand, you can keep paying everyone else to do everything for you, but OTOH, you can learn to do some of these things for yourself!

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Build Your Amazon Audience $100

At OTOH, Books, we have several innovative ways to build your audience. In our dedicated Facebook group, we often offer opportunities for building your social media following, but sometimes, authors want something a little more person to them. That’s why we’ve created the following two solo services! Both are great options to spread the word about your books, and one can alternately be used to grow your Amazon following! While these tools can easily be used without our management, clients who use these services find their results are much greater and much less time investment when they book through us!

With our Amazon Giveaway Booster, we will share your Amazon giveaway with our MOST RESPONSIVE READERS. This includes:

  • Our Giveaways FB group (over 6,000 members)
  • The Rebecca Hamilton FB page (over 24,000 likes)
  • Rebecca Hamilton’s twitter page (over 130,000 followers)
  • genreCRAVE’s Special Promotions Newsletter (our most active subscribers – this NL has a 90% open rate)
  • Five Bonus Promotional Locations of our choosing to optimize your results!



With our Social Media Campaign Builder, we will…

Grow your entire Author Brand for $124!

With our Social Media Building Campaign, we will grow the following audiences:

  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Profile
  • Amazon Author Page*
  • Goodreads Author Page
  • Book Bub Author Profile
  • Instagram Profile
  • Street Team

We will handle everything for your campaign, including featuring your campaign in our newsletter, sharing your campaign with our private reader groups, and sharing your campaign on social media. We also handle prize selection, awarding the prize, and delivering the prize – at NO additional cost to you!

Please note that building your Amazon Author Page this way will not get the same results as our Amazon Author Following Builder specifically, though you should still receive great results across the board!


Facebook Ads Manager

Why have someone else manage your ads?

For some, it’s a matter of time and mental energy. They’d rather be doing something else. For others, it’s because they just cant seem to get a handle on Facebook Ads. If this sounds familiar, let our team create and manage the ads for you: with our ads, we’re seeing an average of .02 – .08 a click (with the majority in the .02 – .03 range), and we have a team with time dedicated just for this purpose! Though we cannot provide any guarantee on results, we can show proof of previous results upon request.

The Facebook Ads Manager program is recommended for authors who spend $500-$2000 per month on Facebook and want to see a better return on their investment. This service is provided by Dragon Realm Press. 

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Hire a Personal Assistant $200

Our friends over at Dragon Realm Press have put together a PR package exclusively for OTOH Books! Pairing our recommended marketing efforts with their exceptional execution and own marketing know-how, we came up with the perfect month-to-month package to get more eyes on your book using the same marketing techniques that have been the stable of advertising for decades! 

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ARC Reader-Finding Service

If you love the concept of NetGalley but can’t afford their prices or want more control over your listing, then you’ve come to the right place! We have a reader group of over 6,000 readers who love to read and review!

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Blurb Edit or Creation - Starting at $99

Maybe writing blurbs is not your strong point, or maybe you just don’t like writing them! Whatever the case may be, our team has a knack for writing blurbs that SHINE! Several of our authors have reported an increase in sales during promotion (and sometimes even without new promotion) when all they did was change their blurb based on our suggestions! All blurbs are run by New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton for additional critique, feedback, and approval before being sent to the author!

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