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If you’re looking to make a big splash your latest release, our BOOK CLUB BOOST is your ideal promotion! Instead of being featured in our newsletter, we will reach out to our Book Club members individually through direct social media message to tell them about your book! Our Book Club Boost is unlike any other promotion available, with a focus on personal communications and years that we have put into cultivating a close relationship with these readers of every genre.

Authors using our Book Club Boost can expect to see anywhere from 200 – 2000 sales over the course of a 2-3 day period. Results vary based on reader interest. These campaigns are the most effective for getting sales on BRAND NEW titles. We don’t accept free titles nor do we accept preorders for this promotion. We are willing to promote full-priced books, though we caution that full-priced titles will move less copies than a $0.99 live sale. Our averages above are based on titles we have run at $0.99

Book Club Boost is not recommended as an immediate ROI promotion. This promotion is ideal for authors who want more exposure, more reviews, more sell through, and wish to grow their fan base while gaining tons of exposure to new readers.

Results are not guaranteed. By purchasing this promotion, you agree that you are paying us to feature your title and that you are not paying for guaranteed results. Performance of your promotion will be dependent on your product. Our requirement is to share your deal with our book club; your requirement is to submit a title they will love!

Price: $399
October 2019
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Book Club Boost is NOT a newsletter campaign. As such, we cannot forward you a copy of a the campaign nor can you sign up anywhere to see it. You will know the promotion has run by the huge increase in sales on day 1 of your promo. Many authors see continued sales for 2-3 days after as well, and some even longer than that. Should you require proof your promotion ran, we can ask our book club members to send in a screenshot of your book on their Kindle. This proof of deliver option is an additional $50 to cover our time chasing these readers down for a second time. Thank you for understanding!