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Why have someone else write your blurbs?

Maybe it’s not your strong point, or maybe you just don’t like writing them! Whatever the case may be, our team has a knack for writing blurbs that SHINE!

What does it cost?

Choose between 2 Package Options!

  • Blurb Edit $99 – Send us the blurb you have now, and we’ll fix it up for you!
  • Blurb Creation $129 – Answer a Short Questionaire, and we’ll create a blurb for you from scratch!

How does it work?

Fill out the form below, and one of our blurb specialists will get in touch with you to begin the process! All blurbs are run by New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton for additional critique, feedback, and approval before being sent to the author!

All of our blurbs will follow a standard format known for increasing sales and conversions! We have several formats based on genre, so you’re sure to get a blurb that gets the reader to click the “Buy Now” button regardless of your genre!

On average, most authors will find their blurb is “just right” after 1-2 versions from us. However, we are willing to give you a total of 5 back and forth revisions for the cost of this service!

Our Blurbs Get Results!

Several of our authors have reported an increase in sales during promotion (and sometimes even without new promotion) when all they did was change their blurb based on our suggestions!

How Long Will It Take To Get My Blurb?

Turnaround time is currently 7 days or less from the time we receive all information from you. For second or third passes, add an additional week from when we hear back from you! The faster you send in required information, the faster we can complete your blurb for you!


Allow us to share your Blurb Edit before and after or Blurb Creation for $10 off your next order!

Send Payment BEFORE Filling Out This Form!

Please send your full payment to prior to filling out the form below. You will need your Paypal Transaction ID to complete this form. Payments confirmed prior to service start date.