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Then you've come to the right place! At OTOH Books, we offer everything from book promotion and ARC reviews to blurb creation and ad management! We'll even teach you, through our courses, how you an make $5000 - $40,000 per month, or more, doing what you love: writing!

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Book Brag $25

When you schedule an our BOOK BRAG, your book will be featured on the scheduled day to our entire subscriber list with no more than ten other titles. This promotion is ideal for authors who would like to sell between 10 and 100 copies. While we accept books at any price, we caution that books priced $0.99 perform best and our estimate above is based on $0.99 deals with great cover, blurb, and writing.

For more information on what this feature includes and how to make the most of your feature to get the most sales, please click the link below!

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Book Surge $200

Our BOOK SURGE Campaigns are the most effective for getting sales on BRAND NEW titles. While we don’t accept free titles with this feature, we will promote preorders and full-priced books, though we caution that preorders and full-priced titles will move less copies than a $0.99 live sale.

Our BOOK SURGE Campaign includes a SOLO newsletter feature of with your book cover, blurb, and a social media/newsletter building campaign.

On average, our authors report  30-200 sales (some as high as 1200 sales!) + 100-1000 new social media followers/newsletter subscribers.

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Want Something More Intense? Check out our White Glove Newsletter Building Service

Book Club Boost $399

If you’re looking to make a big splash with your latest release, our BOOK CLUB BOOST is your ideal promotion! Instead of being featured in our newsletter, we will reach out to our Book Club members individually through direct social media message to tell them about your book! Our Book Club Boost is unlike any other promotion available, with a focus on personal communications and years that we have put into cultivating a close relationship with these readers of every genre. 

Authors using our Book Club Boost can expect to see anywhere from 200 – 2000 sales over the course of a 2-3 day period. Results vary based on reader interest. These campaigns are the most effective for getting sales on BRAND NEW titles. We don’t accept free titles nor do we accept preorders for this promotion. We are willing to promote full-priced books, though we caution that full-priced titles will move less copies than a $0.99 live sale. Our averages above are based on titles we have run at $0.99

Book Club Boost is not recommended as an immediate ROI promotion. This promotion is ideal for authors who want more exposure, more reviews, more sell through, and wish to grow their fan base while gaining tons of exposure to new readers. 

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We also offer a similar campaign for Nook/iBooks with an average result of 30-100 Sales per Campaign.

Nook-iBooks Booster $129

Review Rocket $30

If you love the concept of NetGalley but can’t afford their prices or want more control over your listing, then you’ve come to the right place! We have a reader group of over 6,000 readers who love to read and review! Please be sure to read all of the details on the next page about how this service works; all of our policies on giving out Advanced Reader Copies are compliant with both US Law and all venders’ Terms of Service.

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Looking for something a little more epic? Check out our Book Club White Glove Service.

Blurb Factory $99+

Maybe writing blurbs is not your strong point, or maybe you just don’t like writing them! Whatever the case may be, our team has a knack for writing blurbs that SELL! Several of our authors have reported an increase in sales during promotion (and sometimes even without new promotion) when all they did was change their blurb based on our suggestions! All blurbs are run by New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton for additional critique, feedback, and approval before being sent to the author!

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Facebook Ads Manager

Why have someone else manage your ads?

For some, it’s a matter of time and mental energy. They’d rather be doing something else. For others, it’s because they just cant seem to get a handle on Facebook Ads. If this sounds familiar, let our team create and manage the ads for you: with our ads, we’re seeing an average of .02 – .08 a click (with the majority in the .02 – .03 range), and we have a team with time dedicated just for this purpose! Though we cannot provide any guarantee on results, we can show proof of previous results upon request.

The Facebook Ads Manager program is recommended for authors who spend $500-$2000 per month on Facebook and want to see a better return on their investment. This service is provided by Dragon Realm Press. 

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Hire A Personal Assistant!

Our friends over at Dragon Realm Press have put together a PR package exclusively for OTOH Books! Pairing our recommended marketing efforts with their exceptional execution and own marketing know-how, we came up with the perfect month-to-month package to get more eyes on your book using the same marketing techniques that have been the stable of advertising for decades! 

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Writing and Marketing Courses Starting at $49

Ready to “Next Level” your career? Find out how our authors are writing better, writing faster, and SELLING MORE! Many of our course graduates are making $5k-$40k or more per month with their writing careers because we have taught them the best techniques and systems to do so! Now it’s your turn learn these things, too!

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