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Please note, this service if for PARANORMAL and FANTASY authors only! It includes Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, and Dystopian authors, including Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult. Not Children’s or Middle Grade or other genre authors at this time. This is solely due to how the audience for this promotion has been curated and our desire to only sell services we believe will get the results we expect. Thanks for understanding!

PLEASE NOTE: We will contact you the day before your promotion to request the giveaway link. Please have your link ready! It’s best to set it up the day before your promotion so that your giveaway doesn’t end before our promotion for you begins.

With our Amazon Giveaway Booster, we will share your Amazon giveaway with our MOST RESPONSIVE READERS. This includes:

  • Our Giveaways FB group (over 6,000 members)
  • The Rebecca Hamilton FB page (over 24,000 likes)
  • Rebecca Hamilton’s twitter page (over 130,000 followers)
  • genreCRAVE’s Special Promotions Newsletter (our most active subscribers – this NL has a 90% open rate)
  • Five Bonus Promotional Locations of our choosing to optimize your results!

Why would you want to do this?

  • Increase your Amazon following!
  • Spread word about one of your books!
  • Get readers to share a tweet about your book!

Please make sure you carefully review how you set up your Amazon Giveaway so that it is optimized for the result you want and is not breaking any vender Terms of Service. How you set up your giveaway is up to you and you alone are responsible for the quality, professionalism, and appropriateness of your giveaway.

Of course, feel free to run these on your own. But our boosts will get you AMAZING results!

If you would like to add a Facebook Boost to the Rebecca Hamilton Page post about your giveaway, you will be able to select between a Target Audience provided by you, Rebecca Hamilton’s page likers, or the likers and their friends. There is a $25 free to add a boost to your post in addition to the amount you would like spent on your boost. Please contact Rebecca directly for more information about adding on this option after booking.

PRICE: $100

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